Let It Go in 25 Languages

Disney’s animated movie Frozen was released in 25 languages, and you can hear all of them in this version of the film’s most popular song.  From Dutch to Japanese to Hungarian, from Catalan to Mandarin to Serbian, each language gets a lyric or two.  Can you hear the difference between Castillian Spanish and Latin American Spanish? Between French and Canadian French?

Which part of the song did you like the best?

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2 Responses to Let It Go in 25 Languages

  1. It’s amazing how every now and then, something captures the world, adults and children alike. This catchy tune has my 3-year-old singing along. But I think even at 3, the little ones have made a connection between how Elsa feels and the need to let go and set herself free. So I say, “Let it go” (worries, low self-esteem, self-pity) and feel the release!

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